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Allen Kao(高誌廷)

WK Innovation
Funding Partner
Allen Kao is the co-founder of WK Innovation, a Greater China based venture capital fund focusing on potential start-ups with unique technology and long-term competence.

Previously, Allen was the Vice President of WK Technology Fund, one of the most historic and largest VC/PE fund in Taiwan. Allen’s focuses are industrial automation/robot,semiconductor, medical device, material and software.

Allen also serves on the board of many portfolio companies for helping entrepreneurs to build up strategic resources and execute the corporate governance.

Prior to join WK, Allen worked for CIDC fund, where he invested in and worked closely with several infant and turn-around stage start-ups.

Earlier, Allen started his career as a tech guy. In 2004 he joined SEIKO EPSON and being promoted as Chief R&D Manager afterwards. During tenure, he led 40+ people R&D team to develop MEMS and optical communication products. During the period of dedicating to R&D, Allen authored 5 technical papers and possessed 18 patents.

Allen received his EMBA degree,M.S. degree in Applied Mechanical, B.S. degree in Civil Engineering all from National Taiwan University. Allen’s portfolio companies includes Voltronic Power,MStar Semiconductor, Asia-Pacific Telecom, Amiccom Electronics, Linpus Technology, Crystalvue Medical, Interactive Digital Technology,GlobalWafers Co., Nien Made Enterprise Co., U-Media Communications.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/allen-kao/10/51a/287