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David Tai(戴偉衡)

Fortune Chinarun Capital Fund(華鑫資本投資 / 華遠資本)
Founder, Chairman & CEO
David Tai(戴偉衡, Tai Weiheng) is the founder and managing partner of Chinarun Capital Partners. After receiving his Master’s degree from MIT Sloan School of Management, David focused his career on the Taiwan technology sector, working in major technology companies such as TSMC, DEC, and Compaq. In 1999, David found his passion in venture capitalism, joining Walden American Investment Group (WI). In 2002, David founded Maxima Capital Management, managing assets totaling more than $66 billion with successful listings such as TPK and Awind.

In 2009, David Tai partnered with Mr. Lin Yihung(林益弘)and Mr. Chern Shyhfeng(陳世峰)to restructure PAM Asia (now known as Chinarun Capital Partners). In 2010, The Chinese National Development and Reform Senate voted to establish the first Taiwanese-managed pure RMB investment fund: Chongqing Chinarun Electronic Information Venture Capital Fund. In 2011, the team led by David was awarded the outstanding technological team award by the Chinese Technology Venture Investment Management Association. At the same time Hua Su Venture Fund was established in Taiwan.

In 2014, iMaker, the portfolio company of Chinarun Capital Partners was established. As the chairman of iMaker, David leads the team and targets greater China as the main market. iMaker is creating a platform with social network, e-commerce, and great designers. The innovative business model is still adding different resources from all around the world.

In 2014, Chinarun Capital Partners separated investment operations into three parts: venture capital management in Taiwan, venture capital management in Mainland China, and the private equity fund dealing with M&A. While David continues to make an impact as managing partner of Chinarun Capital Fund, his next venture is working with the most prestigious VC in Taiwan, VC Fortune, to create the "Fortune Chinarun Capital Fund".

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/david-tai/38/4a8/63b