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Yuning Chang(張育寧)

Fusion Media (BuzzOrange, TechOrange)
Cofounder & CEO
Yuning is cofounder & CEO to Fusion Media, which owns Taiwan's most influential and widely read online media such as TechOrange, BuzzOrange, and VisaOrange.

Prior to Fusion Media, Yuning was a Senior Journalist at Global Views Monthly, a contact journalist to the Common Wealth Magazine, and Chief Editor at 30 Magazine. Throughout her career as an editor, Yuning has closely followed trends and developments in economics, financial markets, technology, career markets, and Taiwanese industries.

At Fusion Media, Yuning serves as Chief Editor to TechOrange, BuzzOrange, and VidaOrange; she is a big believer that digital media is getting into its prime time.

TechOrange has continuously followed global Internet trends and tech business models, as well as Taiwan's policy, industry, and market developments. Under her leadership, TechOrange has become one of Taiwan's most influential tech media.

BuzzOrange focuses on economics, markets, and politics, and aims to provide unique angels to interesting social developments.
VidaOrange targets women aged 30 to 45 and provides useful coverage regarding career, life, and cultural activities. VidaOrange's mission is to enrich the everyday life of its readers.

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