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avatar for Akio Tanaka(田中章雄)

Akio Tanaka(田中章雄)

Infinity Ventures
Co-founder & Managing Partner
avatar for Allen Kao(高誌廷)

Allen Kao(高誌廷)

WK Innovation
Funding Partner
avatar for Amanda Tsao

Amanda Tsao

Silverlink Capital
Special Assistant
avatar for Anderssen Tu(杜彥宏)

Anderssen Tu(杜彥宏)

NCTU Angel Club
avatar for Arthur Chen(陳彥諭)

Arthur Chen(陳彥諭)

Managing Partner
avatar for Ben Liu(劉秉祐)

Ben Liu(劉秉祐)

Mesh Ventures
avatar for Benjamin Joffe

Benjamin Joffe

Forbes / HAX
avatar for Christopher Fisher

Christopher Fisher

Cofounder and Impact Investor
avatar for David Chang(張瑞褀)

David Chang(張瑞褀)

MindWorks Ventures
avatar for David Chow(周大任)

David Chow(周大任)

CTC Capital, Inc.
Founding Managing Partner
avatar for David Tai(戴偉衡)

David Tai(戴偉衡)

Fortune Chinarun Capital Fund(華鑫資本投資 / 華遠資本)
Founder, Chairman & CEO
avatar for Ed Roberto

Ed Roberto

VP of Middle East & Africa
avatar for Edward Chyau(喬國筌)

Edward Chyau(喬國筌)

Mesh Ventures
Managing Director
avatar for Enzo Lin(林晉翃)

Enzo Lin(林晉翃)

Ayaris 9
Financial Strategy Advisory Manager
avatar for Eric Huang(黃梓洋)

Eric Huang(黃梓洋)

CoinX Accelerator
Chief Partner
avatar for Eric Wang

Eric Wang

GRC Funds
Managing Partner
avatar for Evan Chang(張羿文)

Evan Chang(張羿文)

Evan Clan
Cofounder & CEO
avatar for Jackie Yang(楊榮恭)

Jackie Yang(楊榮恭)

Translink Capital
Managing Director
avatar for James Shen(沈勁)

James Shen(沈勁)

Qualcomm Ventures
Managing Director
avatar for Jamie Lin(林之晨)

Jamie Lin(林之晨)

Founding Partner
avatar for Jeffrey Paine

Jeffrey Paine

Golden Gate Ventures
Founding Partner
avatar for Jim Li(李仲琪)

Jim Li(李仲琪)

Industrial Technology Investment Corporation (ITIC)
Senior Vice President
avatar for Joe Chan(陳棗烈)

Joe Chan(陳棗烈)

Mindworks Venture
avatar for Johnson Sher(佘祥生)

Johnson Sher(佘祥生)

Silverlink Capital
General Manager
avatar for Joyce Hsu(許雨婕)

Joyce Hsu(許雨婕)

avatar for Koichi Saito(斉藤晃一)

Koichi Saito(斉藤晃一)

KK Fund
Founder & General Partner
avatar for Kuanhua Hsu(徐冠華)

Kuanhua Hsu(徐冠華)

GREE Ventures
avatar for Kurt Chen(陳文強)

Kurt Chen(陳文強)

SEEDS of Innovation
avatar for Maarten't Hooft

Maarten't Hooft

Quest Venture Partners
Managing Partner
avatar for Marcus Ogawa

Marcus Ogawa

Quest Venture Partners
Managing Partner
avatar for Masatoshi Fukasawa(深澤優壽)

Masatoshi Fukasawa(深澤優壽)

SVP, Strategic Investment Office
avatar for Michel Chu(瞿志豪)

Michel Chu(瞿志豪)

Acorn Campus Taiwan
General Partner
avatar for Nicolas du Cray

Nicolas du Cray

Iris Capital
Venture Partner
avatar for Peter Lin(林銘遠)

Peter Lin(林銘遠)

Catalyst Capital Group
Founder & Managing Director
avatar for Robert Lo(羅子亮)

Robert Lo(羅子亮)

Oriente Holdings
Venture Partner
avatar for Robert Neivert

Robert Neivert

500 Startups
Venture Partner
avatar for Robert Yang

Robert Yang

Blackstone Group
Managing Director
avatar for Rui Ma(馬睿)

Rui Ma(馬睿)

500 Startups
avatar for T.C. Chou(周德虔)

T.C. Chou(周德虔)

Harbinger Venture
Founder & President
avatar for Tina Cheng(成之璇)

Tina Cheng(成之璇)

Cherubic Ventures
Chief Representative of Taiwan
avatar for Vincent Wang(王韋中)

Vincent Wang(王韋中)

Sunsino Venture Capital
avatar for Wayne Huang(黃耀文)

Wayne Huang(黃耀文)

VP Engineering
avatar for William Bao Bean(賓威廉)

William Bao Bean(賓威廉)

SOS Venture
Investment Partner
avatar for Yvonne Chen(陳儀雪)

Yvonne Chen(陳儀雪)

WI Harper Group