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Joe Chant

Co-Founder, DarenCademy / 大人學共同創辦人
Chief Director, ProjectUp.net / 專案管理生活思維平台總召集
Co-Founder & CEO, Fast Track Project Management Services / 識博管理顧問公司創辦人暨
Joe is a senior consultant and corporate trainer in project management. His clients include TSMC, Acer, CPC Company, and TSRC Corporation. He also performs trainings for Quanta Computer, Taiwan Mobile, Elite, Inventec, and TVBS. The major subjects are Project Management, Team Collaboration, and Schedule/Cost Controls.
He is currently running ProjectUp.net with partner Bryan Yao. ProjectUp.net is one of the most popular management-related website in Taiwan. In 2015, Bryan and Joe built DarenCademy which is an online school providing must-have interpersonal skills for grown-ups. in 2014, they wrote two books about career development and started to be the columnists of Business Weekly, Common Wealth, and Manager Today